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New appliances in 2019? Here’s how to make them last!

With 2019 taking center stage, you may be looking at revamping aspects of your life — including parts of your home. If you’re getting new appliances as part of your renovations, here’s your chance to make those appliances last. People like to talk about how appliances don’t seem to last anymore, but that’s not true. They can last a very long time if you know how to care for them properly. Here’s how to get the most mileage out of those sparkling new appliances.

Make sure you’re using them correctly:
It sounds odd telling adults they haven’t been using a refrigerator correctly, right? You put food in, you take food out — how hard could that be? But basic knowledge isn’t enough. Those appliances will last longer if you know the correct ways to use them. For example, the feet on the refrigerator need to be set correctly, not only so the door swings shut on its own, but so the door closes gently yet securely as well. You don’t want the door slamming into the body of the fridge; that can harm the door and send items tumbling out of the shelves. You don’t want the door gliding to a halt just before reaching the fridge body, either, as that will create a food safety problem.

Or, take that fancy new vacuum. Have you set it to the correct carpet pile depth? Are you cleaning or changing the filter as required? If not, you’ll end up with a clogged vacuum that needs repair.

Clean and inspect the appliances regularly:
Another way to keep the appliances in great shape is to clean and inspect them regularly. Have an appliance repair store inspect them yearly to ensure no hidden problems are ready to emerge. Leaving dirt to build up can create clogs and cause rubber parts to dry out and crack. Never checking the motors or other moving parts could lead to small problems growing into large ones that require extensive repair.

Professional Appliance Repair in Metairie and New Orleans can help you keep those appliances functioning. When it’s time to have the appliances checked out, give us a call to set up an appointment.