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Freezer Repair


Are you frustrated because your freezer isn’t working properly? Professional Appliance Repair’s technicians are ready to help you find a solution. Serving the New Orleans area, Professional Appliance Repair can service all brands and types of freezers, no matter the problem.

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There are many reasons why you need your freezer to function at its best. One most important reason is to keep your food fresh, which in turn saves you money. Having a broken freezer can result in low temperatures, ultimately leading to your food spoiling faster. 

Another reason you should make sure your freezer is working properly is to help maintain your electric bill. If your door is broken, your freezer could start to compensate for the lower temperatures caused by improper door closure. This means your electric bill could start to spike. Lastly, not having a working freezer means you probably won’t have ice cubes for your sweet tea on those hot summer days. It also means no fruity popsicles for the kids after swimming in the sun all day.


With experience in repairing all makes and models of freezers, some common freezer repair problems include: 

  • The freezer isn’t staying cold

  • The freezer is making loud noises

  • The freezer door isn’t closing properly

  • Water is leaking from the freezer

  • Ice is building up inside of the freezer

  • The light inside of the freezer isn’t working

  • There is an oily liquid leaking inside the freezer

  • Freezer coils were bent or damaged during handling

  • The freezer is sweating or feels wet


Avoid unnecessary problems by calling Professional Appliance Repair to fix your broken freezer. Our technicians are the ones to call if your freezer is on the fritz. We are the trusted name for freezer repair in New Orleans. No matter the make or model of your freezer, we can help!


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