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Oven, Stove, Range– What’s the difference?

If you are purchasing appliances for your new home, you may find that it can be difficult to tell the difference between an oven, a stove, and a range. These three items often get confused for each other or wrapped up into one definition, but they are actually three distinct items. Here are the differences between each appliance and what they are used for.


A stove is a cooktop that consists of four to six burners. You can use a stove to heat a variety of different items quickly and efficiently. The burners can be either gas or electric. Having a stove in your home is essential to cooking successfully.

An oven is a cooking chamber that is installed on its own. You can use an oven to bake or roast a wide range of items, usually over a longer period of time than you would cook something on the stove. Ovens get very hot, which is why they are usually used for baking. Ovens are usually installed on their own in larger kitchens, where they can be placed at a comfortable height.

A range is a combination of an oven and stove in one. They are usually installed into the side of your kitchen and are very effective in smaller spaces where every inch counts. Installing a range gives you more room for cabinets and storage on your walls, and it also means you have all of your cooking appliances in one place. However, it can be somewhat inconvenient to have to bend down to use the oven. Which type of appliance you decide on ultimately comes down to your personal preference and how you would like to use your space.

When you are deciding on the layout for your kitchen, you will need to determine where you want each of these items to be placed. If you need to save space, it makes the most sense to implement a range, but if you have more room, you may want to opt to have them implemented separately instead.