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Is your self-cleaning oven doing more harm than good?

Let’s face it, no one likes to clean the kitchen, and we especially don’t like cleaning the oven! This is why many people purchase an oven that has a self-cleaning feature. While this sounds good in theory, you may be causing more harm than good to your oven. And we can all agree that purchasing one oven is expensive enough! 

One main reason the self-cleaning option on your appliance is dangerous is that it can seriously compromise your oven’s key components. When your oven is self-cleaning, it reaches around 900 degrees, which can damage the oven’s thermostat. This leads to inaccurate temperature readings and either undercooked or overcooked food. 

Aside from the thermostat, the oven wires on the back wall can be affected by the extreme heat from the self-cleaning feature. While the wires on the back of your oven are covered with insulation to protect them from heat, the extreme and prolonged heat needed for self-cleaning ovens can cause the insulation to melt, ultimately leading to damaged wires. 

Thermal sensors to light bulbs–everything is at risk when you continuously use the self-cleaning option on your oven. While using this function may not damage your oven the first time, you could be looking at some serious repairs over time. 

All in all, taking the time to clean your oven yourself might be your best option. It could prevent you from having to call a technician for repairs or from replacing the appliance. If you find your oven is not working correctly, call us today. Our technicians will discover the problem and offer the best solution possible.