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Is your dryer not drying? Here are some possible reasons why.

A dryer is undoubtedly one of the most-used (and most hard-worked) appliances in the home. When it comes to ensuring your essentials are dry for school or work, hanging clothes on a line simply doesn’t compete.

Dryers are convenient and an essential part of domestic life- but they’re also prone to malfunctioning from time to time. Here are some of the most common dryer issues faced on a daily basis by thousands of Americans:

My clothes aren’t fully dry
There is nothing more frustrating than returning to a load of drying, only to find that your clothes are still slightly damp. Overloading the dryer can cause this issue – but if it happens regularly, the problem could lie with the heating element. If there is a fault with the heating element in the dryer, your device will still spin as normal, and the cycle will complete, but your dryer won’t reach the required temperature needed to dry your clothes.

Heating elements have a tendency to wear out over time – but poor ventilation and neglecting to clean the lint screen on a regular basis can accelerate the process.

The drum is spinning but clothes aren’t drying at all
If your dryer is completing a cycle but your clothes remain cold and wet, a blown thermal fuse could be the culprit. Thermal fuses are safety measures used to prevent overheating and are usually located near the exhaust duct of the dryer. If the thermal fuse on your device has blown, the only option is to replace it if you want your appliance to function again.

The dryer drum won’t spin
When starting a cycle, the drum should begin to spin. If you can hear the dryer motor humming but the drum remains stationary, this could mean that the belt on your dryer has worn out. Dryer belts have a tendency to wear out over time. If the belt appears to be fine, there may be motor or idler pulley issues with your appliance. Your local dryer engineer will be able to test your device to establish exactly what is wrong.

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