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Cleaning tips for ice machines

Ice machines, whether they are an under-counter model or a part of your fridge, are a great small appliance to have in your home! These units must be kept clean, and if you use a filter for your machine, make sure that you replace it on a regular basis.

Why keeping your ice machine clean is so important
Water can have a lot of minerals and sediment, and if you have hard water, the problem can be even more significant. As the sediment collects in your machine it can build up to a visible level where you can no longer ignore the issue. Using filtered water is one way to avoid the problem, and a regular and thorough clean of your machine will also help.There are also substances that can clog your machine, and if they are not properly cleaned, can cause internal damage which makes the production of ice an issue. Dirt and rust are the main particles to watch out for, with mold and limescale also a concern.Regular cleaning, with a nickel safe ice machine cleaner, can help to remove these unwanted elements and prevent damage to your machine. With proper maintenance, your ice maker should always produce clean and fresh ice.

How often should you clean your ice machine?
The amount of use that your machine gets, along with the different makes and models, can make a difference in the frequency that your machine will need to be cleaned. However, if you notice any of the following signs, it’s time to get in there and give your ice machine a thorough clean:
• Ice that is smaller than usual
• The ice has a cloudy appearance
• The cubes feel softer and melt more quickly
• There is a strange and unpleasant odor in the machine, or the ice itself

When you utilize a filter for your ice machine, it is recommended that you replace it every six months. When you are replacing the filter it is also a good time to give the entire unit a thorough clean.If your Kitchen Aid, GE Monogram, Whirlpool or another brand under-counter ice machine still isn’t working properly, give Pro Appliance Repair a call today.