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Clean Refrigerator, More Efficient

It is the one appliance in your home that runs non-stop. If it breaks down, you have a serious problem with food storing. We all know pretty much everything about cleaning the inside of the refrigerator and removing the smells, but very few of us pay attention to the coils and wires at the back of the fridge. Over time, dust cakes up on these coils and reduces your fridge’s efficiency. It is recommended to vacuum clean the back of the fridge once every couple of months to remove the dust. Make sure to unplug the fridge from the wall while doing this.

After you’ve unplugged the fridge, look at the back and the bottom of the fridge in front. If the coils are located in back, they will be easy to access once you carefully turn the fridge around. Remember that the wheels on the bottom of the fridge can scratch your floor.

If you see nothing on the back, look for a grate at the bottom (this grate could be on the front and not the back). You should be able to pull the front panel of the grate off. Do not yank it off; be gentle, and note where the attachment points are so you can put the grate back on afterward.

Attach the brush tool to your vacuum wand and start vacuuming up all that dust (the coils will likely look kind of yucky). Don’t shove the wand in; go slowly and treat the coils very gently. You may find it helpful to switch to the crevice attachment at some point.

When you’re done, you can sweep up the dust that fell out, move the fridge back into place, replace the grate (if necessary), and plug the fridge back in. If you have any questions, contact Professional Appliance Repair.