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5 Fail-Safe Tips for Fall Kitchen Maintenance

Fall appliance maintenance isn’t at the top of most people’s to-do lists, but it will keep your kitchen items safe from damage, rust and the perils of old age. Show your kitchen some love this fall with the simple maintenance tips below.


Get Under the Hood

Only a range hood that is working properly can do its heat and odor filtration job. Run your hood’s metal filters through the dishwasher or wash them in soapy hot water and replace any paper or charcoal filters.

Secure the Oven Seal
Your oven door has to seal correctly to keep in all of its heat. An improperly sealed oven loses around 20 percent of its generated heat, which can filter into your home and raise the temperature. The heat loss also lengthens the cooking time of your food and can cause uneven bakes.

Deep-Clean Those Coils
The coils on any type of refrigerator, from full to wine, need a good vacuum sometimes. Coils collect pet hair, dirt, and dust, and this makes your fridge work harder to cool down its contents. Use a hose attachment on your vacuum to get into the coils without causing any damage.

De-Gunk Fridge Gaskets
Your fridge doors have to close properly to keep food cold without overworking. Ensure the door gaskets are clean and free of gunk so the fridge doors are sealing correctly.

Keep it Sparkling
All of your kitchen appliances deserve a solid and deep clean. Doing a thorough cleaning on your appliances prepares your kitchen for the holiday season, and it can keep appliances running longer, too.

It’s also especially important to clean your dishwasher and not just in the fall. Food debris, soap scum and buildup can prevent your dishwasher from working at its best. Clean your dishwasher once a month according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and make sure to check the drain for trapped bits of food or other debris that could clog it. Glisten is a great product designed to clean dishwashers, you run the product every six months in an empty dishwasher

Doing your fall appliance maintenance will help keep everything in your kitchen running smoothly all year round. Should one of your appliances need a bit of extra care, contact us today at Professional Appliance Repair for your repair and service needs.