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Washing Machines: Top Load vs. Front Load

When deciding on a washing machine for your home, you have two main categories to choose from: top loader and front loader. They both have their pros and cons, and there are many models in both styles to choose from. Ultimately, the style of washer that you choose will depend on your personal preference, but it should be noted that front load machines are generally easier on your clothes, and they use less water and heat. Because of this, they have become very popular in recent years.

Front Load Washing Machines: Pros and Cons
Top load washers generally have a pole in the middle of the tub, which provides the mechanism for washing the clothes. While there are a few different ways these poles can work, they generally require quite a bit of movement and energy to get your clothes thoroughly clean. Top load washers also use quite a bit of water, because the tub needs to fill all the way to the top to get all the clothes clean. Front load washers, alternatively, gently tumble the clothes through a small pool of water. If you are looking to save energy and water, a front load washer is the way to go.

Top Load Washing Machines: Pros and Cons
However, if you have back or knee problems, you may want to opt for a top load washer. A front load washer requires you to bend over to load the tub, which can cause stress on your joints if you do laundry frequently. A top load washer is easier to take your clothes in and out of. Top load washers sometimes have larger capacities than their front load counterparts as well, because they can be very deep. Be sure to look at the capacity of a washer to determine how many clothes it can realistically wash at one time.

Finally, if you do opt for a front-load washer, you will need to remember to clean it out frequently. This is because the door will seal shut very tightly, which can result in mold if you aren’t careful. Run a self-cleaning cycle if your washer has the option, or clean it manually to make sure everything is nice and pristine.