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Tips to remove the mildew smell in your front-load washing machine

Front loading washing machines do a great job cleaning clothes and are more energy-efficient than top-loaders. There is, however, one small drawback to these popular appliances – the moldy smell that can sometimes collect in the machine.

Follow these helpful hints and your washer will be smelling fresh in no time!

1. The old wives’ tale about using vinegar actually works. White vinegar is a great way to clean so many household items, including your washing machine. Run your machine without any clothes for a normal cycle with hot water; add two cups of white vinegar to the dispenser where you normally put the detergent.

2. Clean and rinse all of the exposed areas of the washer. Using a combination of half vinegar and half hot water, scrub out the interior of the machine, the detergent dispenser, and the rubber band that seals the door. Repeat the process wiping it out again using just hot water.

3. Run another cycle with the washer empty. Use hot water but don’t add any detergent or vinegar.

4. Air it out. Once the empty cycle is over open the door to the machine and leave it ajar for 4-6 hours so that the interior drum dries out completely. Be sure to always use HE (high efficiency) detergent in your front-load machine. Hot water is also a better option than cold or warm water cycles.

That should do it!

If the above steps don’t fix the problem, there may be more going on inside the washer. A washer that isn’t working properly should be fixed as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the appliance. If you are experiencing any issues with your front-load washer, give Pro Appliance a call today!