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How to Clean a Glass Top Range

When you’re looking for a new stove, you’re going to have plenty of units to choose from that will have all different features. Most units now have a glass top range, replacing the old style that featured coils. While glass tops have a number of advantages over coils, you’ll notice that they’re advertised as easy to clean. Read on to learn more about how to clean a glass top range the right way, so there’s never any build-up and you get the most use out of your unit.


Everyday Cleaning

If you use your glass top range every day, you’ll see a buildup forming quickly for many different reasons. Grease may splash or food can spill, and if it dries, it can be difficult to wipe off while you’re cleaning the counters. Always have a spray bottle with distilled white vinegar and a microfiber cloth ready to go when it’s time to clean. The vinegar will gently and naturally soften any buildup, and the microfiber will wipe it all away without leaving the same smears that paper towels might.

Bi-weekly or Monthly Cleaning

Every two weeks or at least once a month, do a thorough cleaning of your glass top range. This will ensure that it lasts much longer and works better over time. Take out that same spray bottle of distilled white vinegar and open a container of baking soda. After spraying the surface down, sprinkle baking soda over the dirtiest parts and cover with a towel soaked in hot water. Once the grime has been covered for at least ten minutes, you’ll be able to wipe away even the toughest grime.

A common problem glass top range owners run into is when a mess gets so stuck onto the range that they can’t scrub it off. At this point, you can have a razor blade handy to scrape the grime off after spraying it down with vinegar. The razor shouldn’t do any damage, as long as it’s flat to the range and no corners are used. Once you get the hang of it, cleaning a glass top range is easy, and it’ll feel as routine as wiping down the counter at the end of a meal.