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How Does a Refrigerator Work?

Refrigerators, like most electronic appliances, is usually left to the experts in case of a malfunction. If you ask friends and colleagues how a refrigerator works, you will probably be met with blank expressions, how a refrigerator actually works is not common knowledge for most people.

However, you might be surprised to hear that the principles behind the functionality of a refrigerator are actually straightforward and easy for anyone to understand. The workings of a fridge revolve around five basic components. These are fluid refrigerant, compressor, condenser coils, evaporator coils, and an expansion valve. Here is how a refrigerator works:

Expansion Valve
As the fluid refrigerant passes through the expansion valve, its pressure drops drastically and abruptly. The sudden drop in temperature forces the pressurized liquid to expand and cool down. The liquid goes partially into a gaseous state similar to what you see when you spray perfume out of a can.

Now the refrigerant in its half-gas-half-liquid state, it flows back around the chiller rack (where you keep foodstuff) where it boils quickly, turning completely into gas. The gas is responsible for sucking heat out of the things in the fridge.

The Compressor
The task of the compressor is to squeeze the refrigerant which raises its temperature as well as pressure. The outcome is very hot and high-pressure gas. The refrigerant then flows through the back of the refrigerator via narrow radiator pipes. The process allows the hot gas to give off heat hence reverting to a liquid as it cools down.

Insulation Cabinet
As the refrigerant cools down, it flows back through the insulation that separates the inside of the fridge and outside (where you keep foodstuff) into the expansion valve. As it enters the expansion valve, the above process repeats once again. The idea is that heat is continuously absorbed from inside the fridge and then deposited outside the fridge.

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