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5 Common Washing Machine Repair Problems

Many problems can sometimes stand between you and your laundry getting done. Finding time to sort, wash, fold and put away your laundry is enough of a time commitment, so when your washing machine is not working as it should, it only slows down the process and leads to more frustration for you. Sometimes, calling a washing machine repair specialist is necessary, but there are some less-serious, common washing machine problems that you may be able to fix yourself! As a reminder, it’s always a good idea to disconnect the appliance’s electricity to ensure a safe DIY fix when necessary.

1. The washer won’t spin

One of the more frequent problems is the balance sensors overriding the cycle. You might hear loud clanking noises or vibrating sound. This is caused by an unevenly distributed laundry load (either too much or too few clothes). In most cases, an easy quick fix is just to balance out the load.

2. Smelly clothes

If you haven’t left them in overnight, it could be a build-up of mold or bacteria in the machine. Run a hot empty load, and let the inside of the basket dry out before your next cycle.

3. The water didn’t drain

Sometimes a pump or hose gets clogged by a sock or another article of clothing, or it could be the lid switch might not be functioning properly. If the switch isn’t working, test it with a multi-meter to see if it has continuity. If not, you might have to replace the lid switch.

4. The drive belt is broken or loose

Sometimes the basket will fill with water but won’t spin. Turn off the water, unplug the power, and detach the back panel to inspect the belt and pulleys – how do they look? It may be time for a new belt, so check the owner’s manual for the correct belt type to install.

5. The door won’t close

A faulty door latch will prevent it from closing, meaning the washer won’t spin. Check to see if this is an electrical or mechanical problem. Look for damage and/or use a multi-meter to test the switches on the door latch for continuity.

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