"Professional, on-time, and affordable"

There is no worse a feeling when your appliance breaks and it is just out of warranty. But, when I called Pro Appliance, they came right out and fixed my refrigerator. I was so happy with their services. They were professional, on-time, and affordable.

- Cheryl B.

"Top notch"

We were referred to this company by our home warranty company after a failed attempt to have our refrigerator repaired by the first repair company we were referred to.

The first company’s repairman had NO idea what was making noise and causing frost build-up in the freezer, so he called his supervisor. Supervisor also had no idea what it could be. He decided the frost was caused by a combination of a bad freezer door gasket and the doors being uneven, and that the doors cannot be adjusted. He said he’d have to order a replacement gasket and would call in a few days when it came in.

I paid $100 toward our home warranty deductible for this.

He never returned or called and three weeks later we still had not heard from the company. Phone calls to them went unanswered, so we cancelled our service order and got a new referral to Professional Appliance Repair.

Within a few days (they would have come sooner if it had been a more urgent issue) Jim and Derrick came out exactly when scheduled. IMMEDIATELY Jim identified the year and model just by looking at the unit, diagnosed the problem as a bad circuit board, replaced the bad part with a new one from their van, inspected the gasket and found nothing wrong with it, AND adjusted the doors.

Now there’s no more noise and no more frost.

This company and the people who work for it are top notch. You will be extremely satisfied with their (as the name says) professional service.

- Kimberly L.


Absolutely fantastic! The whole team at Pro Appliance is absolutely fantastic. Customer Service is outstanding. Their service and pricing is absolutely fantastic. Couldn’t possibly recommend them more!!

- Sabrina G.

"In today’s world it is very rare to find a gem like Pro Appliance"

Awesome! Totally amazing!!! Completely professional. Refreshingly amazed at their awesome customer service. In today’s world it is very rare to find a gem like Pro Appliance. Our gas oven had been previously serviced for a non working safety shut off valve. Our home warranty sent out a repairman (from a different company) that was such a waste of time. He only pretended to fix the problem. We had to have a second service for the same issue only this time we picked the company we wanted to service our unit. We knew nothing about Prof Appliance prior this service call. Talk about hitting the lottery….we were so blessed to have Pro Appliance come out. This is a top rate company….from their incredibly courteous customer service (again, very rare) to the completely professional, courteous, knowledgable technicians who were well versed in all brands of appliances. If you need an appliance repair/service, do yourself a huge favor and call Pro Appliance. This company is first rate. I just cannot fully/completely express the quality of this amazing company and the sense of peace that comes from knowing your appliances have been serviced correctly. Having been through a nightmare with another repair service it was a tremendous relief and total blessing to have had the pleasure of working with Professional Appliance. We will be recommending this company to everyone we know. THANK YOU PROFESSIONAL APPLIANCE.

- Sherri H.

"They went the extra mile for us"

From the office to repairmen I would give them more stars if possible. They went the extra mile for us. On time and very friendly. They repaired my washing machine. If you have any brand of appliance they represent call them immediately.

- Missy R.

"Great professional company"

Great professional company. Went straight to the issue on our refrigerator and showed us the exactly what was wrong and how to maintain in the future. Got it fixed right away.

- Moneca M.

"Extremely friendly and helpful"

Called them on Tuesday and they were here on Wednesday morning. The two techs were extremely friendly and helpful. Not only did they fix the washer in my tenant’s house, they also took a look at the dishwasher when my tenant mentioned having problems with it. All it needed was to have the drain cleared but they did it cheerfully.

Hopefully I won’t need them again anytime soon but if anything does go wrong they will absolutely be my first call.

- Jake L.

"I will definitely use them again"

Fantastic service from all employees. I called at 8:15am. Miss Page, appt scheduler, said ” I have someone in the area & think they can be over there right away this morning. Let me call you back in 5 minutes. “. Guess what? She called right back. Mr. Derek, technician, was at my house by 9:30am. He had addressed, fixed the problem & out the door by 10am. He was patient & fantastic with my children asking him every question about what he was doing & what each tool was.

I will definitely use them again & recommend them to friends!

- Linzee O

"I could not be happier with this company."

Derek came out exactly when he said he would, and diagnosed the problem within minutes. Not only was he knowledgeable about my washing machine, but he was also respectful and courteous, which are qualities that are hard to find these days. I could not be happier with this company. This was one of the easiest repair-scheduling experiences I have ever had. I was able to schedule it during my lunch hour. Derek is a true professional and I will recommend his company to everyone I know.

- Kathy O.

"This company should be given more than 5 stars"

Outstanding Service!!! This company should be given more than 5 stars. I have used them for my refrigerator, washing machine and dishwasher. They are always on time, very friendly and most knowledgeable. I have had all three of the technicians come out to my house and they were able to diagnose the appliance very quickly. Service with this company is above and beyond. They are very professional and trustworthy. I only use this company and highly recommend them!!!!

- Amy K.

"I can’t say enough how pleased I am"

This was a very pleasant experience getting my washer repaired. From the phone call to the office to the professionalism of the technician. When you need your appliances repaired do yourself a favor call Pro Appliance Repair! I can’t say enough how pleased I am with this service company.

- Veronica J.

"I highly recommend them"

I called all of the “big companies” and they said it would be several days before they could come out. Professional appliance came out the next morning. They were dressed in professional uniform and vehicle. I highly recommend them for you appliance repair.

- Lester C.