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Signs it Might be Time to Repair Your Barbecue Grill

Since we know how much you enjoy a barbecue with your family members and buddies, it’s wise to keep your grill in good shape. Although it’s tempting to let maintenance fall by the wayside in favour of having fun, see our top warning signs for pressing pause before your next garden get-together.

Gas Leakages
At times you may have a leak on the gas line or the hose and it’s important that you act swiftly to prevent unwanted fires. If you’re not sure where the leak is coming from then there is an easy way to figure it out. Simply sprinkle some soapy water on the gas line and hose, then look out for bubbles to detect the leak so you can replace the faulty part.

Grill Fails to Ignite or Has Uneven Heating
Is your grill taking forever to light up? Or does is it roast your steak unevenly? Well, this may be due to a faulty burner or igniter. If this is the case then ensure that you clean up the old ones to remove the soot or replace them altogether.

Flames Emerging from Beneath the Grill
You should regularly check the external parts of the grill such as venturi tubes, hoses, and fuel lines to confirm that they are correctly fitted and in good condition.

When the Grill Releases a lot of Smoke
As you do your barbecue you may realize that the grill is producing a lot of heavy smoke. This may be as a result of an accumulation of residue or soot on the cooking grid. If this is the case, it’s time for some good old-fashioned elbow grease to scrub your grill clean!

How do These Repairs Benefit You?
Aside from ensuring a safer, more pleasant barbeque experience, maintaining your grill is cost-effective. Prevention is always better than replacement, thus the need to embrace timely maintenance and repair habits. By doing so, you save yourself the trouble of having to buy a new outdoor grill everytime something goes wrong.

We acknowledge that you may strive to have these repairs done but you lack the expertise. If this case, do not hesitate to reach out to our qualified experts at Professional Appliance Repair in Metairie, LA.